How It Works

Speedy Sparky combines all the tools needed to position sockets in just one easy to use tool. Using the building regs written on the tool, select your position height on the wall. Simply place the Speedy Sparky up against the wall. Level the sockets through with the built in spirit level and mark out the desired socket configuration. The use of the template enables you to install sockets five times faster than you could without, freeing up time to do the next job on the list.


Tutorial Videos

Introduction tutorial

A brief instructional video showing you how to use the Speedy Sparky.

Plasterboard tutorial

A brief instructional video showing you how to use the Speedy Sparky on plasterboard walls.

Above worktop tutorial

A brief instructional video showing you how the Speedy Sparky is used above worktops.


Q: What do the letters A and B represent on the tool?

A: They represent the screw hole positions for the positioning of a double socket back box on its side i.e. a cooker switch or shaver socket. The orientation of the letter represents the orientation of the box.


Q: What makes a Speedy Sparky faster?

A: By having the socket positions pre set in a template you can mark out the configuration you need in seconds.


Q: How much faster can my work be with the Speed Sparky?

A: You can position sockets five times faster using Speedy Sparky.


Q: How can the Speedy Sparky make me money?

A: Time is money. The Speedy Sparky enables you to do a job that normally takes 4 hour in just 45 minutes. And the more you can do, the more you can earn.


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